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Mr. David Littlefield, co-ordinator, has re-established the Lowe’s Farm Neighborhood Watch Program. He is in need of volunteers for the following blocks:

  • 4200 Aston Lane
  • 4300 Crestview Lane
  • 4194 Lone Oak Drive
  • 4300 Lone Oak Drive
  • Thistle Lane
  • 4300 Woodcrest Drive
If you live on one of these blocks, please volunteer to be a block captain so your neighbors will receive crime alerts. You may contact Mr. Littlefield at The NATIONAL NIGHT OUT event will be held on Saturday, September 26 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Details to follow.

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Proposed Renderings for the entrance flowerbeds

Phase 1 of the restoration of our entrance flower beds began in the summer of 2015. Additional plants (mums, etc.) will be installed during the fall season. During phase 1, thirty-seven trees were planted along the brick wall expanses facing East Broad Street. Also, the sprinkler system in these areas was converted to drip irrigation. Phase 2 will begin in 2016. As in any landscaping project, it will take several seasons before the plants are fully established. Preview the proposed landscape renderings


Know your watering schedule

How to Obtain a New Pool Access Card

If you need to order a new pool access card, please fill out the 2015 Pool-Pass Agreement and return it to as soon as possible.


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